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Attapulgite is a kind of crystalloid hydrous magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral, having a special laminated chain structure in which there is a crystalline lattice displacement existed. Thus it makes the crystals contain uncertain quantities of Na+, Ca+, Fe3+ and Al, and present in the shape of needles, fibers or fibrous clusters. Attapulgite has very good colloidal properties such as: specific features in dispersion, high temperature endurance, salt and alkali resistance, and also high adsorbing and de-coloring capabilities. Furthermore, attapulgite has certain plastic and adhesive characters.
Attapulgite Clay
Attapulgite Clay

Attapulgite clay mineral resources distribute in only several countries in the world at the present. Attapulgite reserve capacity of Xuyi contains the 70% in China, and 35% in the world. Compared to the largest commercial attapulgite deposits in the United States, Xuyi attapulgite products have the following special features:

Because the geological conditions under which Chinese attapulgite was deposited are different from that of the USA attapulgite deposits, our attapulgite products have very low grit (percentage retained on a 325 mesh wet screen), low free silica content, and low carbonate content. Semi Product of Bleaching Earth

Selectively mined and processed attapulgite products have a very high dispersion viscosity and API yield. The products processed from naturally occurring mixtures of attapulgite show especially high dispersion viscosity, high API yield, and extremely low grit.

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