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Bleaching Earth Products

The raw material of this product is selectively high-quality attapulgite. The product, which is good in performance and low in price, is made through special processing method and is a good substitute for activated carbon and activated bentonite clay.

Impurities of various kinds, including color pigments, soaps, gums, and albuminous matter, can cause processing problems or poor quality in finished products for makers of edible oils. Oilbest Activated Bleaching Earths are highly effective in removing these detrimental materials from a wide range of edible oils.

Bleaching Earth B

For edible oils, bleaching is a critical manufacturing step in which impurities are removed. Our bleaching earths are activated clay adsorbents that offer superior capacity for trapping undesired contaminants. These innovative products benefit our customers by enhancing oil quality and improving the shelf life and stability of their products.

Bleaching Earth A

Bleaching Earth Properties

  • It shows selectively absorbing, high de-coloring rate, fast filtering speed, low residual oil.
  • It can remove soap contents, traces of heavy metals in vegetable oils, and function as natural antioxidant.
  • It can adsorb the toxins, such as aflatoxing from vegetable oil and fat, pesticide remains, and bad smell.
  • The de-colored oils are clear and transparent, and stable in quality.
  • The de-colored oils' acid value won't rise again and its color won't get heavier again.
Bleaching Earth Applications
  • To decolorize and purify vegetable oils, animal fat, colloid
  • To adsorb the aflatoxins, such as B1 and 3, 4-benzopyren
  • To purify liquid glucose, maltose, sucrose
  • Purity treatment of water for improvement of quality and waste water treatment
Currently the following quality Bleaching Earths are offered :
  • XY 1 : Economical, acidic clay for edible oils.
  • XY2 : These are neutral granules, very effective for bleaching of mineral oils and industrial oils.
  • XY 3 : This highly acid activated bleaching earth is most suitable for bleaching difficult to bleach oils.
  • XY 4 : This is moisture treated, neutral bleaching earth used for higher degree bleaching of lighter oils and in refining edible oils and petroleum oils.
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