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How to measure activated bleaching earth particle size?

There is not much to measuring activated bleaching earth particle size. First of all, you will need to understand that particle size of activated bleaching earth is measured with the help of sieve test equipment. The unit size of the activated bleaching earth particle is known as mesh. Normally, the fine particles of activated bleaching earth have a size of between two hundred and two hundred and seventy mesh.

Sometimes, the size of the mesh is very smooth and in such instances the mesh size is less than three hundred and fifty. In such an instance, there is a stronger likelihood that the filtering process in an oil refinery may become jammed. On the other hand, there is also a possibility that the size of the mesh of activated fuller’s earth is too rough. In such an instance, the size of the mesh will be less than one hundred and fifty. When this is the case, there is again a strong likelihood that the activated bleaching earth will not have a high enough ability to absorb color.

Here is how you should go about measuring activated bleaching earth particle size. Start of by taking about one hundred grams of activated bleaching earth. Next, place the activated fuller’s earth powder into the sieve test equipment. This equipment has multiple numbers of trays. These trays include a one hundred and forty mesh tray and a two hundred mesh tray. There is also a two hundred and thirty mesh tray as well as a two hundred and seventy mesh tray. In addition, there are two other trays including the 325 tray as well as the four hundred mesh tray.

You need to let the sieve test equipment run for a quarter of an hour. Once this time limit has been reached you have to open each of the different mesh trays and then you have to weigh their activated bleaching earth powder. The results you get will be measured in percentage.

These three steps will help you in your quest to measure activated earth particle size. Be sure to use the right sieve test equipment and also make sure that you have all the required mesh trays. There are three steps that you need to complete. These include taking enough quantity of activated bleaching earth. Next you need to place the activated bleaching earth in the sieve test equipment. After allowing the equipment to run for fifteen minutes you will be able to measure the activated bleaching earth particle size.

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